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tv   MTA Board of Directors 9616  SFGTV  September 10, 2016 7:00pm-8:36pm PDT

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of achieving minimal displacement of residents while we revitalize the whole site. of the 72 units, 53 of those units we made for residents made available for residents of the potrero hope sf site. in conclusion, the acquisition of this parcel will enable the land assembly needed to create 72 units of affordable housing block x and the the project schedule starting construction on his much needed housing by the end of the year. this concludes my presentation good if you any questions, i am available rejects thank you. colleagues, any questions the one we will move on to public comment on item 22. anyone wish to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> denied a motion? >> moved and seconded. >> we can take that without objection >>[gavel] >> thank you everybody. mdm. clerk any other business in front of us? detects no mr. chairman. >> okay. we are adjourned. >> >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >> >>
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>>ed and director hsu, present. director nolan. director rib key. you have a quorum. >> the ringing of and use of cell phones, pagers and similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised that the chairman may order the removal from the meeting room of any person responsible for the ringing or use of a cell phone, pager or other similar sound-producing electronic devices. sell phones set on
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vibrate cause interference so request they turned off. motion approval of the minutes from august 16. >> motion to approve. >> aye >> item 5, communication director yz have none. item 6, introduction of new or unfinished business mpt >> i want bring up my favorite topics, elevators we have on the consent calendar a item for improving improvement on the escalators and elevators which provide access to our station. in light of the fact that currently civic center i believe is out right now and i know in the disability community there was a little-a lot of concern about the lack of notice and there was some notice but not enough notice
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and think where people are demanding on escalators and elevator, it is important to overknhunicate communicate so when we do the upgrade to infrastructure over communicate when the outages take place and do everything we can to minimize the impact on the riders. that's it. >> director rib key, i think we did everything to coordinate with bart. thank you. >> at our last meeting which was long we had a gentlemen stand up in general public comment and he called attention to the stockton street discussions go around and think his call if i remember was to make sure we continue on the public process as we always do and know we will but he waited a long time to make the comment
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and want today bring it up. we have got a lot of e-mails about stockton street and look forward to the public process on that. >> item 7, directors report. >> director riscon, and good afternoon member thofz chair and board and staff. i want to start out my report by recognizing a couple of ow moust outstaning employees. first i like to ask [inaudible] our chief ficial officer who is director of finance and information technology division to come forward to recognize one of her employees. >> it is pleasure to introduce naomi steinway who has been with us 35 years. before i was born she started. she demonstrated deep commitment to womeen owned businesses and as we rely on diligence and making
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sure we fulfill obligations to the stakeholders mpt she is a go to staff member regarding the db program and vauchbed in a large variety of other areas such as procurement of [inaudible] and third street light-rail extension to make sure we are fulfilling our obligations there to the communities. she is also been instrumental being lias ons with the auditors and said naomi is terrific gathering, analyzing and reporting the participation. she is thoughtful i hard working and has a dry whit that really positively impacts a lot of the unit. she is looking for challenges and way to enhance the community. the last
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comment i make, she is a big contributor of healthy snacks for our meetings and she a key member of the contract compliance office. many of her fanerize here. thank you tr 84 work for throw fiver years, it is a incredible achievement and congratulations. >> thank you very much and the commissioners, thank you. i hardly expected this at all. hoping to quitely retire with caucasian male majority. hope i can hang on another year. thank you. >> on behalf of the board and city thank you for your work, wish you all the best. [applause] >> next i want to ask john
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hailey the transit director to come forward and recognize one of his employees. >> good afternoon mr. hailey. >> good afternoon mr. chairman. i just it is my pleasure this afternoon to recognize gentlemen to my left, leroy wilson who is one of our longstanding transit supervisors. you may have noticed recently in the controllers report that over the last 5 years the average driving speed in san francisco dropped some 25 percent. at the same time our evening rush hour has lengthened as new industries have come to change the commute patterns. one of the things that at the same time we have been able to
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improve our on time performance incremental but not where we would like us to be, and one of the reasons we are able to do that is because of people like mr. wilson. mr. wilson works in the most difficult locations, south of market street, during the most difcult times. he has the opportunity to make adjustments to lines like the 27, which are frequently backed up because of bay bridge commute and also in many respects is a very sod after figure at the transbay terminal as operators will go and have issues that mr. wilson has resolved. he is a outstaning representative for all of us in terms of getting our service and making adjustments to the invariable situations so the supervisor
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would encounter but also is highly regarded and well respected by our operators. my apologies but i should say to the right is brent jones and [inaudible] in charge of our service management. so, it is my pleasure to introduce you to mr. wilson for his recognition. [applause] >> on behalf of the board and whole city thank you for the important work you do and do it so well for so many years. thank you. >> thank you. i just don't know how to responds after mr. hailey says all that but want to thank god first of all for giving me all the tools that i need and placing me in the department with managers that you have just met and making
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sure i have everything i need to get the job done. also, like to thank my wife who's sitting right there. [applause] a lot of this work i take home and she helps me out with it and my phone stays on all the time for my other co-workers out there and she says, honey, we are out to dinner and you are still taking calls. and that is just the dedication i center to my co-workers because without them i could not get that job done. i could not do this job without my co-workers and want to thank all of them even though i don't see any here. my daughter, my niece and ist iser in law who comes over my house and bugs me
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all the time. my cousin sean who ran for district supervisor last year and he lost to malia, sorry about that. again, thank all of you for being here and this is-this caught me by surprise right here. with that being said, i have more work to do. thank you. >> thank you. [applause] >> thank you mr. chair. vision zero update for the month. mayors executive director on vision zero included we report regularly to boards and commissions and primarily to this board. two update said today. first one very exciting
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we broke ground last week on 9th and division. probably one of the first in the country. this is a area on the high injury network and anyone who is troyed to pass through there on a bike or in a car very rarely do people pass on foot but it is a hairy place to try to get through and made a number of improvements on division street in recent years but this particular intersection is one we thought was a good place to try this very innovative design based on a dutch intersection design. protected bike laneatize is clear, you ride along a curb on one side and protection whether it is parked cars or delineators or barriers on the side but that works while you are in the block but when you get a intersection it is much harder to protect because
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intersections are open for allow of the flow of vehicles. this design coming from europe puts concrete islands at all 4 of the corners and raises the cros walk s and changes the approach and turn geometry so cars have to slow and so that the visibility between people on bike and foot and people in cars is much better. so, we are really excited to try it out here. we are also coupling with improvements on ajaistant streets on 9th and division, but very exciting to see what will be-we posted when we started this and put photo's up when it is done and we'll evaluate and watching it carefully to see how well it performs and the potential applicable may be else where in the city. exciting stuff there in the ground for the engineering e on vision zero.
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on the education e of vision zero, a aspect of the executive directorive is directing us the sfmta to implement a comprehensive vision zero awareness campaign within 30 days of the exectev directive. i reported at the last meeting we initiated radio ads in english and spanning to raise awareness of vision zero. we followed windup a second round we laurned yesterday. this is 6 speeds sf and just like the engineering work on the education work we use data driven or research driven process to conform the work we are doing. in this case we got feedback from focus groups as well as community wide research polling and interesting results. what we found is
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that, people do see speeding as a bad thing and in san francisco we are focusing on speed because it is the leading primary collision factor of serious and fating collisions. wheel people say it as a problem, people don't necessarily think of it as a problem in san francisco. they see it as a freeway thing or open road problem. there is a perception to recognize unsafe speed happen in the city and urban virems as well. more interesting, most drivers consider themselves above average ijskill and not at need to adhere to posted speed limits. like many other things we think the problem isn't with us, it is with other people. it was with that in mind that we developed this adand it is essentially meant to inform people that the speed limit in san francisco is 25 miles a
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hour unless otherwise posted and that small increases in speed correspond to less control in stopping, less reaction time in terms of seeing people and that traffic deaths are problem in our city so raising awareness but targeting at the perceptions. i will ask lorie to play the spot so people can hear what people hear on the radio. playing on drive time and pandora and running english, spanish and chinese then last month. >> if i drive 10 miles over the speed limit it takes [inaudible] yfs going to fast. [inaudible] i have to live with that.
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speeding can lead to traffic deaths on san francisco streets. the speed limit is 25 for a reason. stick to the limit. know more at vision zero >> if you haven't heard those already, you and thousands of others will be hearing it as they make their way to work this week and the rest of the month. moving on, another campaign addressing another safety issue that is of great importance and this deals with the safety of our employees. as we discussed and heard periodically over time, we have employees be transit operators or parking control officers, inspectors and custodeian and station agents subject to attacks by memberoffs the public. there were 58 reported last year or just on muni operators and that compares to 24 in 2014. so, it is
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unacceptable thing happening and very disturbing trend including a couple very public incident you may have read about in the past couple weeks. we have been work wg folks internally as well as unions that represent the groups, primarily twu and sciu on a number of things to address the issue and reverse that trend. one aspect of that collaboration is new adcampaign that was launched last week, which is just one part of a comprehensive approach. the theme is keep them safe and these will be in the form of ads placed on buses and featureed throughout the transportation system and i will ask lorie and sfgovtv go to the screen to show the ads so you can get a sense of what they look like. so, we have
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these you see from the perspective of the employee and family and others. so, you'll be seeing those if you haven't already on muni buses. that is one part and this came from our employ ease they thought it st. important to raise aware ness to the public of the difficult work they do and there are people like the rest of us that want toget home safely like the rest of us. we'll continue working on that campaign but happy to see that come forward. couple of other muni items. on the heals of the news we were announcing recipients of $45 million of state, cap and trade funds toward the light-rail vehicle expabz program. chair nolan and i traveled to sacramento this
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last week along with mayor lee, board president london breed and assembly member david chiu to visit the sea mans factory. it was great to be able to go there to celebrate the recent news. this is 45 million on top of the 21 million so more than 80 million in support. first vehicle should be here about theened of the year and start seeing them in service in 2017. by the end of 2018 we will have 20 new vehicles hitting the street. that was great news. in the mean time to address crowding and to focus our resources where the demand is the highest, this morning we launched a shuttle
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that will shuttle cars between coal valley and embarcadero during rush hours. we have basically 4 trains, or 2 trains doing two loops runic between the points which are the inner part of the [inaudible] which anyone who ride at that time of day once you get to that portion the cars are usually full so the folks often can't board the train, so we are inserting capacity during the rush hour to try to insure the folks who want to take the injudah to get to work or to the city it k do so. we started it this morning, worked well. there are logistical issues we worked out when we tested this a few years back and hope to keep this in service and will be the first of such efforts we roll out
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over the next few years. meanwhile, down at balboa park, there is a a lot of various construction work going on. one of the more significant aspects is we have largest or oldest railyard there and have been in the process in the last couple years of preplacing all the rails, many switches and overhead wires and infrastructure in that facility. it is generally not public work but very important to get our system in the state of good repair. we have largeby be able to do this work without impacting the public but starting part the project today that takes the part of the revenue loop, the j and k normally travel on out of service to replace those rails. so, as a result, there are different patterns for people to board and offboard for the j and k at balboa park. the k is
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boarding on ocean avenue. we have done a lout of outreach and trying to make the public aware of where they need togo to catch their train or once they get off the train to get to where they are going safely. we understand it is inconvenient for folks but have done everything we can to minimize the inconvenience but excited to see this work donefelt the entire project should be done mid-2017. a very large state of good repair project you provided funding and support for in previous capital budgets. the last thing, i mentioned last time the votes for the muni art program were opened till last week and the vote are in and have the 5 winners. you can see on the screen-there is the
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new multimedia presentation for the directors report. we had 5 winners that were-came from the votes. the top winner is monica and her exhibit is called teens of sf. followed by lillian shan hann with bit by bit and a 3 way tie for third place which is [inaudible] counter point studio which is peter tomen son and lisa luvene for city walks and todd [inaudible] for sight seeing. these will go up. each of the artists our groups will have their work featureed on muni buses and artist receiving the most votes gelt a $2 thousand cash prize and [inaudible] get $1250 and this is a partnership between sfmta and san francisco beautiful.
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a win, win for artist and muni riders. that concludes my report. >> just to go back to the $45 million of money we got for more lrv in the future. it is probably confusing we state our need without having identified all the funding and i know we have seen the same with the buses as we have more funding become available we place a order for more buses and i don't find that unusual for large infrastructure purposes or projects. is that standard we identify the need and know what we want and as the money becomes available we place those orders? >> in most cases we identified the funding and just not
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secured the funding. we identified for the lightrail vehicles this as the main source for this part of the expansion. the procurement for lightrail is 151 to replace the ones we have and that is funded with federal and local sales tax and that we identified and secured. there is expansion of the first 24 vehiclechise is something we committed to as part of the grant agreement for the federal government for the central subway grant. we wroifed the revenues and secured revenues for those. then we had exercised an option on the lightrail vehicle for additional 40 car squz for that we identified main source orphfunding being state cap and trade funds and now secured in subsequent years the first pieces of that. yes, that is typical and most cases we have identified the funds, we just
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don't have them secured commitment from whatever the funding partner is. >> thank you for clearing that up. i think that can be confusing for people that dont understand how the procurement process works. >> thank you very much. congratuless on the end shuttle surfbs. that is great. as you know since you have been in the chair i pestered you about shuttle service and sure it wasn't my pestering that did it but glad you and mr. hailey got around to this one. as we procure lrv and stuff coming on stock you will look at way tooz expand this. i assume the ways to expand this don't just include shuttle service but reintroducing-i urge the switch back in west portal to acamidate that. for me this is great news and something that is of great policy interest to me, so with the permission of chair nolan and vice chair
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bringman, i support that we-when you have the data and you and mr. hailey are ready, report how the shuttle service is working. maybe also a update how it works comparison with the bus shuttle service and other options we throw at that line and plans for expansion for shuttle service whether plans for west portal or castro. >> happy. >> i do want to cu-mind john hailey and staff for putting this together. it may seem simple t is a lot of work that goes into making this happen and they absolutely started thinking about what are the next as the rail fleet grows the most critical needs whether it is shuttles or expanding from one to 2 car or 2 to 3 car trains. >> how this integrates with the
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existing system is obviously important. you can have more cars but if they get jammed ativan ness you haven't solved the problem. i want to know if the service is causes delays on the interchange or worked through seemlessly. >> mr. chairman you have one person who indicated a iftrust in addressing you and only matters discussed by mr. riscon. herben wineer followed by michael putralis. >> michael putralis. >> mr. wineer is first. >> herben wineerment one question about the new lrvs. i notice there is no railing at the end of the seats or sideways. if there is a sudden stop, if there is no railing a person can just spill over and
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possible injure themselves or other passengers. i noticed in the picture on the san francisco examiner so can you clarify about the safety of that because i just noticed it in the picture and something that seems to be missing. >> the picture in the paper was of the- >> mr. riscon let's let him finish. >> the vehicle that we were able to visit in the newspaper was had first production vehicle and not complete so there were many things that will be on the car that were not on the car shown in the picture. what i say generally from ever aspect of operation from accessibility to safety to performance, energy efficiency the new cars are significant improvement over what we have today so the rule jz requirements just generally for safety on rail vehicleerize
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very stringent. what we do is above and beyond and won't put anything to service that puts people at risk. >> thank you for the clarification. >> michael putrelis. ime arace bisticalest and concerned during your preezen taig about the vision zero work going on, there was no mention about long standing issue of mine and that is on bicyclist riding on sidewalks. i looked over your materials available on the sfmta website and can't find information about whatever sfmta may be doing to encourage bisicalest to stay off the sidewalks. in particular, i'm very concerned about the south side of market street from van ness to valencia. bicyclist
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are frequently riding past that um, union office and riding past quickly by the mu cros key mattress shop and it is really dangerous for pedestrians, for other bisicalests and people in cars. there needs to be a stenciling on sfmts saying it is against the law to ride your bicycle on the sidewalks and if you want to also put carat in front of bisicalest, it should also remind all bicyclist that especially on market street, we have bike lanes. bicyclists need to use the bike lanes. thank you.
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>> movering on, item h, advisory counsel report. i do not see chairman weaver here. public comment this is a opportunity formaters within the sfmta but not on todays agenda. we'll start with eileen boken followed by albert chow. >> good afternoon. >> eileen boken. district 4 resident. i'm here regarding the rapid project which is on the [inaudible] i believe final approval the project is premature. in light of the ongoing issues on mission street the consensus and merchants of taraval is move forward with a pilot project which involved no structural changesism this is the taraval plan or community based plan. this pilot project involves the
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entire taraval corridor and not just the 5 locations included in the proposed mta plan. the community is recommending the tarival project be for at least 6 months. the tarival community is seeking to avoid negative impacts the 14 mission rapid project had. the tarival neighborhood sees the community based plan as a potential win, win for mta and community at large. thank you. >> the next speaker please. >> next speaker is albert chow followed by tom lee. >> good afternoon mr. chow. >> albert chair from great wall hard weir. we have a great street the way it is now, but you are planning to take away a lot of parking and give a red lane in the left lan and put boarding island and traffic
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lights and bull bouts and [inaudible] because of the perpendicular parking and this for saving 2 or 3 minutes. just like that you plan to upset the dynamic of the street and discourage driving in a area where driving is really necessary. have you tried to run errands in the sun set? people drive and come to the businesses that way. i like to have some flashing lights and painted rowdways in lieu of the boarding island for safety but at the same time keep our parking. i just want to remind you that the small businesserize the backbone of the city and create the character of the neighborhood. target and macey, do they make san francisco unique? no. they leave as soon as the boom goes bust but we have stayed
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because we lover our city. sean [inaudible] told me that if all sides are mad we are doing something right and think this is the wrong approach. let that go for 6 months and it be a half and half sfmta and community based design everyone can be happy with. thank you very much. >> tony lee followed by aaron star and herbert wineer. >> good afternoon mr. lee. >> good evening. good afternoon mr. chairman and [inaudible] i am a full time [inaudible] 27 years. mailed me a letter saying that if i dont pay for the $179 for the disputes [inaudible] she will not let me renew my card and i
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cannot drive the cab so get fired. [inaudible] make a living and pay the bills. $179 [inaudible] today that i make. this not fair. [inaudible] everybody know a lot of kick backs and [inaudible] you can get it, a lot of rumor and never bring that before you because it isn't my interest but now they are clearly against me like this way so i hope that you are going to lay off your unprofessional and air gnt staff because you will make a lot of drivers lose their jobs. if you are going to fine
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me for this money, i will do it in a legal way and make you [inaudible] i tell people don't park. only one car you couldn't get towed, you lost 600 bucks and i find the [inaudible] they move their car and you will lose a million dollar for your tow money rev enues as well. i have a right to do that. >> aaron star, followed by herbt wineer and edward mason. >> good afternoon board. aaron star and work for the san francisco planning department. by my caurmts are my own and not paid right now. i'm here to spress concern over there bike and pedestrian on the market street. i have written
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the board with my concerns and received coms back from staff, however, the responses are inadequate and never addressed my point. the plan proposes painted buffers for bike lane jz upper market. this improvement wilt do nuth toog improve the safety and move the city closer to vision zero goal. i ride my bike on upper market. what i experience on a daily basis are double parked cars and delivery trucks. this forces me and fellow rider tooz move into the bike lane while travelling at 35 to 40 miles a hour. i experience cars drifting into the bike lane. proposed painted buffers will do nothing to stop the safety
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risks. this board adopted vision zero which seeks to eliminate traffic death. this is based on the fact we are human and make mistake. the road system needs to keep us moving but also protect at every turn. we know people continue to double park in the bike lanes and continue to drift into had bike lane because they are easily distracted and know people to not use their turn signal or check their shoulder when they cross to the bike lane to make a right hand turn or park. the road needs to be designed to encounter that. i urge you to look into protected bike lanes up to upper market to castro. >> herbert wineer followed by edward mason. >> parking spaces, bus stops and bus runs braung to the
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public and taxi medallions belonged to the taxi drivers. the municipal transportation agency contrary to great inconvenience to public interest. it simply declared the medallions its property and took them from taxi drivers charging state fees. this is a public agency-the mta is pirate aijs that regard parking spaces as obzeckts and sources of budy and plunder. despite the parks spaces and bus stops mta has done the right thing. it shows barbary coast to advertise and promote muni forward to 1.5
7:42 pm
million over a 3 year period. the barb burry coast harbors pierants and mta conducted itself in the same tradition by fuming resources from the public. a government agency designated to represent the public is robbing the public of its resources. the public is walk agplank with removal and consolidation of bus stops. mta seizure and termination of parking spaces and forcing passengers seniors and the disabled to walk a quarter mile to the bus stop. after all, we are walking the plank. >> thank you. >> edward mason, michael
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putrelis. >> edward mason i like to present a editorial from the almanac which is a newspaper for menlo park. facebook is expanding by 6500 employees to the current 7500 employees. a housing study revealed 15 live in bell haven. created dependent for 175 units a finding of questionb logic at best. from a broader regional perspective planner voice concern. job growth and resulting upward pressure on home prices and wide spread transportation grid lock. all employ ease livering long
7:44 pm
distances from the campus about half of facebook employees drive cars to work. facebook is proposing to limit increase in trip generation relating to expansion to 438 inbound commuter vehicles. the development will benefit menlo park but result in worsening of transportation and housing facing the region. it is standard practice to abstract mitigation measures including cash payments and levering neighborhood communities for sig cnlt and uncompensated impact. no one is well served by major proposals evaluated by a single city looking out forilities own interest. cities can move away from isolated decision making. the conclusion i came from this is, there will be more corporate commuter buses unless you get
7:45 pm
together with mtr, a bag and resolve the issue because we already have 35 commuter buses on 24th street. >> michael putrelisfollowed by deneez louis and [inaudible] >> go ahead. please do. don't worry. if the folks at sf gv tv it show my. show that for
7:46 pm
20 seconds. this is the bus shelter at 16th stroot and missionism . i made a video of sfmta property that is caked with pigeon poop. you can am back to me, please. i have been filing a number of complaints with sf 311 to have this pigeon poop removed. i'm a person with aids and have a compromised immune system and this pigeon poop is unhealthy. it also just not conducive to using public transit. there needs to be better contract compliance and monering of the sfmta has. after two weeks of observing this area there is not regular cleaning taking place of the bus shelters and
7:47 pm
sfmta street signs. this is really not good in any sense, okay. now, in terms why there is so much pigeon poop on the bus shelters, it is because the overhead electrical cables do not have ant pigeon jell on them. that is pg and e property. however, i think that sfmta needs to look into bird sensitive sound repellent machines. there is latest device to stop birds landing on this property and roosting there. i'm in touch with barbara garcia from department of public health to declare this a public health emergency. you need to get on regular cleaning of the bus shelters.
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>> denise louis followed by [inaudible] >> good afternoon. glad to see mr. hsu here from the west portal association and want to say i really appreciate muni. it gets me where i want to go. for years i have been saying thank you to the bus drivers and for the past yearo so i have been hearing other people do the same. i'm here to ask you about landscaping in san jose at bal bowy park station. the last i heard mt deciding on a mediterranean pallet. prior to that asked that native plants be planted where possible in dpw project along ocean avenue. since the area i'm referring to has not been
7:49 pm
planted, and dpw is assisting mta with landscaping planning here, and since the landscapers must yield to your desession on the pallet i ask you to reconsider. i ask you to [inaudible] environmental correct and what neighboring stakeholders have asked for. is there a particular person with mta i can talk to about this? >> we'll make sure to have somebody follow up. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> marry aliza followed by car lumetser and paula katz. >> good afternoon. speaking on behalf of the tar vel. the tarival project [inaudible]
7:50 pm
delivering 87 comments and ask that you scanned a e-mail to the board members along with the statement. 70 of these comments oppose the elimination of tarival stop. the staff will not forward these so like to make sure you get them another way. before you next meetding we urge you to read the public comments and listen to the audio of the public hearing. other 50 people took time off to attend the hearing that was triple the number usually ateneding. when you read the staff report before you next meeting we urge you to keep in mind the vast majority the written and verbal comments supporting keeping the tarival stops. there are many [inaudible] about the various hardships their family members inclulding elderly parent and parent face if they lose these stops. many opposed the loss
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of parking on tarival and proposed transit only lanes and perpendicular parking on san tiaugo. a large number also support what the community calls, the tarival plan which calls for establishment of a 6 month pilot program of early implementation followed by community input before approval. the merchant will explain this furlther and want to add and believe this will be a universal cry throughout the merchants of the city. this thereis a real problem and also you also mention it isn't just in the mission. the parking and transportation concerns are keeping people from going san francisco merchants. >> good afternoon.
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>> okay, hi. carla metsler with save or el tarival stops. microphone. thank you. the el tarival project is scheduled for next meetings agenda. proposal for 9 stops at 6 locations. in the transit effectiveness project final environmental impact report that you approved in 2014 states on pages 2-26 one of the factors to be considered when selecting stop locations removal is valium of boardings and lighting of the transit stop. excuse me. now, this
7:53 pm
-okay. the kentucky fried chicken, pub lb library, library, post office and safeway, the stops surrounding 19 lth and tarival which is the busiest stop we are adding a thousand people by closing the stops before and after 19th. a thousand more people every day on 19th and tarival. i think this is dangerous and should be looked at again and it is not what we voted for. we dont want our tax dollars being used to make things more dangerous. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> paula katz followed by tom gill burty and those are the
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last people. >> what do i do to get this-- there it is. paula katz. i want to make a correction to what carla said t is 2-26 of the final environmental impact report where it states that one of the factors to be considered removing stopicize boarding and lighting at the transit stop. we will give you the average weekly boarding and alignment at tarival for inbound and outbound stops. one thing we hope you can see is this data was collected november 2007 from january 2009 and so the decision to remove stopicize based on data that is 7 to 9
7:55 pm
years olds and completely out of date. sean kennedy agreed the usage probable increased but believes the proportions stay the same. sfmta has no identity if this is true and told we can't do more head counts until next your and maybe when the new lrvs come in. in the areas whereplore housing is build or stores open usage will increase than other stops. in addition the staff said because the study is so old they can't access it and have no way of finding out when the study was done over what day or hours and doesn't include weekend. when the new lightrail vehicles we can track use r usage we urge you to put them on the tarival line as soon as possible and obtain up
7:56 pm
to date and accurate findings. this is incorporated as part of the pilot program that the merchants propose at part of the plan. i like to give you these documents. >> tom gillbirty. >> tom gillbirty. i was going-i remarked about the elevator ativan ness and thinking while we were gone that it was going to be the definition of rank. when you say something is truly rank was a slang word and that-i can't say that now because i used it and it shown the effort of being maintained a little better. i would love to have it steam cleaned and love the carpet to come up and take a look underneath. i hope
7:57 pm
probably it dirt is holding it together and triing to get rid of that sooner that later because of property changes. i also want to applaud the mechanics on the old buses. i have been very good for long time. the mechanics on the light-rail very very good and i am using my standard of when the doors open there is a floor expansion that comes up. [inaudible] tipping my hat to mechanics. next we got a number of seats we are losing, the standees we are getting. we are always losey seats with the new cars and looking like we are doing herds into subways and into the early 1950's and 60's of new york city and don't like the way the new light-rail are going. corridors are now a
7:58 pm
big word. a couple years ago cumulative was the big word. cumulative amount of traf ic. third street in the rails are going to restrict the amount of people we can allow to live there. your voices have to come up aletal higher on that. we have to slow down for the bridle on uncontenses growth. last week i call ded [inaudible] for cleaning too. >> mr. chairman that is the last person to address matters in the jurisdiction of mta and not on todays agenda. move toog consent calendar. all items considered [inaudible] member of had board wishes to have aiteal severered and considered separately. i have
7:59 pm
not heard you like to have a item severed but the public asked item 10.3 be severed. >> is there a motion on the consent calendar minus 10.3? all in favor say aye. 10.3. >> cristina varner followed by edward mason. >> good afternoon. my name is cristina vrner. i strongly urge you not to establish a week day morning shuttle done on san jose between valley and 9th street. my family lives on this block and va3 your old son. we already live on one of the dirtiest and busiest streets in san francisco where we witness accidents involves
8:00 pm
vehicles, cyclist and pedestrians. the pollution levels are high. the shuttle buses are nysy and enormous and block views. the exhaust creates unbreveth air and trophic congestion. the residents-the full loan tree that helps create breatheable air for residents on this block will be damaged by the buses pulling to the curb. i understand it is proposed to be trimmed but need the whole tree t. is a shame that to see that dpw exempted this from environmental review because it effects our environment. i want to draw your teengz to page 3 of staff report. the shuttle bus stop takes away the use of 5 to 6, not 4 parking spots which are especially permitted for residents. the city should refund the cost of the parking permit through may
8:01 pm
31, 2017 because the point is park in the spots all day and now it is impossible to do so. there is a existing commuter shuttle spot on valencia and 26th street and additional stop doesn't need to be created in front of our house. the worker of companies catered to can walk a few blocks to caf a bus. the plan decreases safety by increasing exhaust and nysand tafic. please don't [inaudible] by approving san jose avenue. >> next speaker, please. >> edward mason and mr. chairman that is the last person. >> edward mason. stop removes the residential parking permitinant which is a form of de facto imminent domain. it is a gift of public space for private use and broken contract
8:02 pm
with no reimbursement for the people. you have a stop about 2 thousand feet away at valencia and cesar chavez. you eliminate stops by lengthening the walking distances while making these particular stops more veents. convenient. the stop is unnecessary. this is unnecessarily stop and impacts the environment because for every cycle of a bus you have pollution from the break pads and break dust and upon acceleration you have pollution caused by the engine and also the noise. this is got a environmental impact that could be-is unnecessarily if you can walk an extra 2 thousand feet. operation after 10 a.m. for bus operations i have observe buses. there is a bus at 1015
8:03 pm
and 1010 and 1035 stopping at the current location. this is going to create unsafe situations if the automobiles are parked after 10 a.m. this will be cause a safety issue with double parking on san jose avenue. in summary, i would recommend that you take a good look at this station as to why these individuals cannot walk a extra 2 thousand feet to the new stop-to is a existing stop at the salvation army that you approved several months ago. thank you very much. >> thank you, sir. questions or comments? mr. migire you want to talk about this? >> good afternoon. tom
8:04 pm
mcguire. joined by [inaudible] who has detailed answers to your questions. >> good afternoon. so, the purpose is primarily to place a stop that is at san jose is deloris is that is being removed where they are widening the itisland so this is replacing existing stop where we have 57 vehicles stopping during the a.m. period and just serving the a.m. period. >> thank you. thank you mrs. [inaudible] i know when mrs. pain brought the commuter shuttle program she made a point of saying this is a changeable program and it is a living stop thing and we are moving it around and have seen these stops at all most every meeting we had for the past few
8:05 pm
months. i will go ahead and support this stop and thank the people who came to give feedback and completely understand how much of a change it for your block face to have a commuter shuttle stop and also want to make request that we take a look at dolores street because i understand dolores street is limited away from it stop. what we have seen in that we hear from the people around dolores park that have a hole in the shuttle program where they are walking for 15 minutes to get to a stop. i think we need to take a look at dolores street and see if the weight limit can be restricted and share the pain on the shuttle stops because nobody wants them and we need them. i make a motion to approve them. >> second that >> the residential parking space is only not available in the shuttle hours but available during the other hours. >> yes. >> thank you mr. chairman. i
8:06 pm
just want to thank the public for being engaged in this work t. is important to achieve the best possible program for us to continue to monitor how things work and accommodate accordingly looking at dolores street or what have you. this is a thing that that we hope will have a positive net effect on the community as a whole and certainly sensitive to the concerns that are brought upism namely, the pollution of diesel or what have you. those concerns are very real. i appreciate the fact the shuttles do take away a lot of otherwise car traffic t. is important that we are sensitive but look ought for the entire community so i'll support for this measure but i want to thank the public for being vigilant and encourage more individual laens as the project
8:07 pm
is implemented. >> director >> we are taking people out of cars and increasing transit use even in this private form. sorry i'm not familiar with the map out there but is there a commercial space within relative proximity to this area such that we have the stops not in 41 front of a 3 year old home or in front of a business not open and appreciate the fath they bring a lot of people to their block? >> so this is a primarily residential portion of san jose. we looked at numerous locations, mitchells is there primarily commercial use in that area and we did reach out
8:08 pm
and spoke with them early in the planning process. their concerns were around the fact that this would block their driveway used for loading during the a.m. period. so we shifted the stop a bit to not block their driveway and also be partially in front of a house and partially in front of empty garden lot to try to minimize the impact but it is challenging given it is primarily residential. >> motion and second to approve. all in favor say aye. opposed? ayes have it. >> regular agenda mr. chairman. item 11, approve parking and traffic modifications along folsom street between hawthorn and embarcadero involved in the
8:09 pm
folsom street streetscape project. >> good afternoon director. greg leaseen and sustainable streets and here to presents the folsom streetscape projeth. exciting project. been working on this my 8 year career. the project goes back further than that and touch on the history. the project sponsored by the office of ocii formally known as the redevelopment agency. it is there project but i'm the mta lead and mta and planning department are active in the streetscape design of it. public workicize construction manager and project planjure on behalf of ocii so big team
8:10 pm
effort. also have a consultant team, cmg architects and [inaudible] big team and excited to be hoor. here. 8 years of work so thank you for coming out. sharing the exassignment with me. this is the project site. it is folsom street downtown, between second street and embarcadero. this is a old aerial of the old folsom street under the freeway terminal separator structure. so, everybody knows the old embarcadero free bp way torn down after the earthquake. not everybody remembers the terminal separator which
8:11 pm
connected to the bay bridge which is the equally structure in the air. i have scoured all over to find more historic photo's of structures and i really can't find any. it is like people want to forget it existed. i called the cal trans department and had nothing. i did just-couldn't include in the presentation. if you watch the 1958 san francisco cop drama, the line up, you will see-i highly recommend it. the climax at the end takes place on the under construction terminal separator structures so please take a look and get excited about that. there are no other photo's i can find accept there is one i like to share. my friend gave me a great book when i moved to san francisco and a favorite of my kids now. don't know if you can see this.
8:12 pm
leer sat the bottom you can cineld kind of see. there is the old structure and this book remarks san franciscans dispice the monstrosity and it was torn down. i'll talk more about the history in a moment but sorry i don't have more photo's of the old folsom street. i do of the new folsom street. this is a rendering and qu walk you through the details. we will convert the street into two way traffic operation with one lane each way. there will be big widened sidewalks with corner bull bout which you can see here. the bull bouts have rain gardens and bench seating and looking into having native plants for the rain gardens because they request is made. this photodoes not show the bike lanes there also which i'll show in a moment. it is
8:13 pm
really a long history how we got to this point. i'll walk you through the cross section. this is folsom street, new folsom street looking east bound and i'll walk you through left to right. on the left on the north side, the existing 10 foot sidewalk remains at 10 feet but the high rise and ground floor retail have a 15 book setback mandated so results in a 25 foot sidewalk on the north side of instreet with double row of trees and one block is already built with phil's coffee. there is a 6 foot wide west bound protected bike lane and south of that there is a buffer and south of that there is a parking and loading strip for vehicles to stop where they won't interact with the bikes. similar design
8:14 pm
as other protected bike ways we have implemented. south of that thral is the west bound lane and east bound lane and on the south side of the street there is parking and loading and buffer and east bound protected bike lane and sidewalk will be widened to 15 feet. that is the new street, really exciting and this is implemented after the new transit center opens in 2018. ac transit will come out and move into the new elevated bus facility that will enable one lane of traffic each way without impacting ac transit. there is a map of the extents. important note is between second street and spear street is the ocii project which includes the sidewalk widening and all that lovely stuff. mta
8:15 pm
we are going to restripe the last block between spear and embarcadero to have protected bike lanes to create the connection between second street to the embarcadero and folsom street is the link. we are build agnetwork of protected boo bike ways with this project and enhancing transit and cars by make tg a 2 way street making it better for local circulation. here is the timeline. this is a abbreviated timeline rel toov the streetscape project and parking and traffic changes seeking your approval. the history of this project goes back a long way. i think when the elevated free way was built
8:16 pm
people called to have it torn down. it is worth noting there is a big effort in the late 70's and early 80's to tear down the embarcadero freways. people wanted to tear that down. the board of supervisors approved it in 1985 and the voters overturned that and that was a huge blow to the freeway removal idea. two years later there is a earthquake and the embarcadero didn't fall dow it was damaged and so was the terminal structure so at a very contenses vote the board approved 6 to 5 to tear down the freeway in 91. the people-the advocates try today tear town other freeways. as soon as the freeway was shut down all the traffic
8:17 pm
materialized. terminal separator structure and removed in the mid-90's and laid the ground for the rest of my slide which is redevelopment agency known as ocii created redevelopment area in the zone and the removal of the freeway parcels created new lands sold to developers to fund the transit center and fun this project which is $15 million project. it is a long time coming. we are here today with legislation and final approval and then we hope to break ground next year. should take about a year to build so hopefully enjoy the street and riding our bikes and walking along in 2018. here is a overview of the design. i will not walk you through this. again t is from second street
8:18 pm
to the embarcadero so the slide is from second to fremont and the bottom is from fremont to embarcadero. i'll zoom in to a example. this is typical of the design. you see-you can't see on this screen but one lane of traffic in each way and protected bike lanes and also install transit boarding islands. muni has a plan to [inaudible] bus route extension at the moment. there is work on there [inaudible] it will happen here so we are building boarding islands so the buses will not conflict with bikes. that's it. that is my presentation. >> excellent presentation. members the board?
8:19 pm
>> great presentation thank you very much. it was nice to be reminded of the history of that freeway. when i worked at [inaudible] after the earthquake we would walk and have our lunch. very fun. i love this project and think the widened sidewalks will be great. if anybody has not tried to go downtown in the last 2 years try it. a lot of the sidewalkerize so narrow you can't walk. i think the wide sidewalkerize fabulous. the parking buffered bike lanes is what everyone is look frg as we heard from mr. star about upper market street. there is such a sense of frustration among cyclist. there is a huge sense of frustration so pleased to see these are going because i
8:20 pm
know a [inaudible] crowded urban environment you can't expect 100 percent separation all the time but if we engineering it so we can prevent the [inaudible] i'm so excited about the project, it will be a fantastic addition. no questions. motion to approve. >> veckd. second. >> the buffer like a raised pavement? >> a lot of people asked that. this design isn't raised. the design is for a painted buffer. it is similar to jfk drive or bay street. it is important to know the difference from the second street which will have raised bike ways. the short answer for why we were not able to consider that is because wree have corner bull bouts
8:21 pm
with rain gardens and it is designed so the rain water rains into the rain garden so looked how that will work with a raised bike way and it basically wouldn't. we are excited. the corner bull bouts and rain gardens shorten the crossing distance between for pedestrians and also if we do find-i'm hopeful that car drivers will figure it out to not pull all the bay to the curb and putting thought into the striping and painting to make it clear but if we have issues we can ret row fit qu treatments. >> the things that youthey are like little magnet things you run up against. not a curb, but it sticks to the ground and you can-something that is like a lot of times people if they are parking and not paying attention they pull too far and if there is something like on
8:22 pm
the freeway and go to the wrong lane all is a different sound. that type of thing. >> we'll be watching closely how it functions and have it opportunity to install treatments like that. >> i think in a situation like this because this project the parking is outside the bike lane, correct? that make as huge difference because as lang asia see one or two cars parked correctly most people figure it out they are supposed to park out of the bike lanes so i think in golden gate park you see cars parked correctly and one parks incorrectly. i have high hopes this will be working. >> one traffic question and trying . is there a stretch to
8:23 pm
bridge access? >> yes. >> yes. we are going from 1 late to 2 lanes >> accept between second and essex street. that isn't changed. >> okay. and so-great. northbound traffic on second will make the right and curl up that way and there is lelft turn restriction. let me cut to the chase, you addressed this and not anticipating this will exacerbate that existed line up? >> correct. >> i think this is very exciting and looking forward to see it played out. the one question is the stretch from spear to embarcadero. was it determined there was enough [inaudible] the only change is the bike lanes? >> yes, it is really just that
8:24 pm
is the project boundary for the redevelopment area so thereat is where ocii can spend the money to widen sidewalks. mta or public works can come back and do more sidewalk widening on the south side. the good news there is the gap building on the north side so have the 15 foot set back so the 25 foot wide set back is preserved from the embarcadero to essexs street. we can come back later for the bull bouts and widen the sidewalks. >> i'm supportive of the bike lanes. there is minority andimably a vocal minority in the disability community that pestered me that they need curb back squz there are protected bike lane jz want safety for
8:25 pm
cyclist but want to be able to access in our vehicles. the concern is where the buffer basically on jfk as you probably know when you have a blew ue space you can use the buffer to unload and connect to the sidewalk. there are concerns in the community about these going in more and when the buffer is not continuous to the place where you can access the sidewalk. that a complicated thing but wonder if this addresses that or it is a continuous buffer and if we will make a extra to put in blue zones where we can. i don't drive and [inaudible] i know some people in the community are very concerned about the protected bike lanes. >> we put a lot of thought into
8:26 pm
ark sesable access work wg mta and public works. all most each block face north and south there will be a new-it isn't a white curb zone but there were be fully accessible loading zone there for everybody and we are installing new blue zone parking spaces as well. both accessible loading and parking. >> great. >> yes, just very quickly. i notice with the jfk parking like the vice chair said, usually the problem starts when one person parks the wrong way and there is a fall though leader sort of mentality of not wanting to disrupt whatever pattern is established. i often wondered if you folks had considered establishing like some kind of signage or
8:27 pm
stenciling in the buffer that indicates no parking so that people might see pulling up like where to park or not to park and there is a better understanding of how to dpoo do it. i know that it would be labeerous and maybe ugly to see a bunch of no parking signs at every space but maybe the ones at the top of the block face just wondering if you have thought about that and particularly with respect to when you are going install this one if there is think toog that and what led you to not do it. >> the blue zone spaces we springled the blue zone at the beginning of the street east and west bound because anticipate those being parks with a vehicle. when car is
8:28 pm
doing it it is obvious for others how to do it. installing signage in the painted buffer that will be tough because we can't use the street sweeper. >> like painted on the [inaudible] you have stencils and imagine a p with no parking or something to that effect. >> we can go back to the slide and walk you through. so, you can't-so, this shows a spot reserving for bike share stations. this is what the wide zone will look like and still a work in praun progrtss what the striping will be. the idea is this will be a white stripes and shown on black on the paper but are white stripes. this is
8:29 pm
a white passenger zone. i hate saying that. here are the yellow spaces which are for truck loading and this is the painted buffer. we are planning as of this moment to use our traditional parking t's to make it clear thris is a metered parking space. these are for trucks. up here where it is a white zone, there is no t's because you don't park there t is just for louding. we have put thought how this work squz we are doing other protected bikeways as we innovate this. the bottom line is we have a idea and watch it very closely and if we need to install rubber curb segments or better signage we haven't done the sign plan yet and will be mounted on the street lights just the typical no parking. we need to develop a sign if it says this is floating loading
8:30 pm
zone, which is brand new. work in progress. >> what i'm implying with this where you have the slash, diagonal white buffer zone, that is what i suggest considering putting in like a stencil that says no parking in there because for whatever reason sometimes some people do park on that-on top of it in golden gate park on the jfk lanes and creates this sort of line of parking that i suppose is-it becomes a problem i think because that buffer zone is gone and then it is less safe bike lane. i guess what i suggest is consider how you enforce it or not and see if there are lesson to be learned from maybe putting down a stencil that says no parking in the white diagonal slash because people do it all the
8:31 pm
time, well not all the time-if is interesting to see if there is a way to get better enforcement there before maybe doing something like that here. >> i do think on jfk there are stencils and say no parking. maybe we need bigger ones and p where a cross out. >> something like that i think will be warranted there. >> thank you very much. excellent presentation. motion and second? >> josey aaron followed by charles defargs. those are the only people who turned in speaker cards. good afternoon. >> good afternoon directors. josey aaron and the new neighborhood organizer with walk san francisco. on behalf of walk sf i would like to express our strong support for this exciting project. i will make the segment more pleasant and safe for everyone. we are excited to see a project that
8:32 pm
prioritizes pedestrians and includes features like bull bouts which increase pedestrian visibility, decrease the distance to cross and slow turning vehicles, wider sidewalks which act as a barrier between pedestrians and traffic with landscape. the conversion of folsom to two way traffic which calm traffic. a street that connects people to parks and open space. we are thrilled to see the city building out green connections like folsom with rain garden squz other feature. we love to see the rest of folsom when the folsom howard project is implement to be designed comprehensively with green and traffic calming features as this project. we look forward
8:33 pm
to many more projects like folsom streetscape breaking ground soon. >> charles defargs and he is the last person to address you today. >> good afternoon. my name is defarj and campaign coordinator at the san francisco bike coalition. this is a project we are excited about specifically the protected bike lanes from second to embarcadero. souckt of market is one the most heavily bike trafficked areas in san francisco despite being one the most dangerous. the projects sets to transform folsom into a bikeable street something it is not today. the improvements open up the east end of folsom lowing two way bike traffic and providing important north/south connection to howard on main,
8:34 pm
beel and fremont. the result is more accessible ceblthed and vibrant for people walk{biking. thank you guys and thank you to greg at mta. this is a great project. >> we have motion and veckd second? >> aye. >> item twevlg, discussion whether to conduct a closed session. motion to conduct a closed session. >> second? all in favor say aye. we will go in closed ession. >> discuss city attorney voted to settle the cases. 14, appropriate for motion to disclose or not disclose the information discussed >> motion to not disclose. >> all favor say aye. we are
8:35 pm
adjourned. thank you very much. program. >> good morning, everybody. i am sandra are excited to welcome you to the intersunset


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